The Lockhearts | Biography
Rock n Roll.
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Americana Doom Fuzz band from Sydney’s Inner-West.

Music for starry-eyed lovers.

Pleasantly pessimist.

After party at theirs.

Formed in condemned venues and closed down coffee houses out of stardust and silicone. The Lockhearts are the archetype band of brothers, looking for solace in opium den blues and hard rock swagger whilst wrestling to comprehend 4th dimensional spacetime and cetacean altruism via onstage destruction and cathartic cult melodies. Fronted by Tim Meaco on vocals and guitar, Sam Sheumack on guitar, Jameel Majam on bass and Steve ‘Woodie’ Woodward on drums.


60s guitar bands, 70s fuzz boxes, gypsy caravan curses and 80s midwestern folk tales.